My smile to heal

Saved by a lifeguard

Sandra Dal Maso

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Preface by Dr. Magda Alexis “Come and eat at my place for my last evening before hospitalization. Stop crying if you can't stop crying. Consider it like going on vacation. At 27, Sandra discovers that she has acute leukemia. Despite the weeks of isolation in a sterile room, successive chemotherapy, the constraint of wearing a mask, she does not let herself be defeated, supported by her relatives and a medical team who admire her good humor. Saved thanks to a compatible bone marrow donor – a “watchman of life” – she now lives in a body that is no longer quite hers. With the simplicity and humor that characterize her, Sandra tells the story of these few years during which the disease was invited into her daily life. His experience is a life lesson. A part of the royalties of this work is donated to the association La Chauve qui sourit.
The author

Sandra Dal Maso is 33 years old today. She created the La Chauve qui sourit association, which aims to raise awareness about bone marrow donation. Sophie Adriansen is the author of several books including I take you to the end of the line (Max Milo, 2010). A juror of readers' prizes, she has been running the literary blog Sophielit since 2009. Dr. Magda Alexis is a hematologist and oncologist. She followed Sandra when she was hospitalized in Orléans.

160 pages | ISBN: 9782315004812