My son is going to war

a soldier's mother's truth about Afghanistan

Gisèle Sanchez

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Are you freaking out because your teenager wants to be a singer or an artist? There is worse: a career in the army during wartime. In 2008, when Carlos told his mother that he wanted to become a soldier, she didn't believe it and opposed it. However, he was soon engaged in the 13th battalion of Chasseurs alpins de Chambéry. On November 22, 2009, he left for Afghanistan for a six-month operation. Giselle Sanchez then discovers, over the months of anguish, behind the scenes, the absurdity of the French presence, the unjustified risks, the futile maneuvers. Between the official mission and the experience of men, there is a gulf. The author of this truth-telling denounces the ignorance and infantilization in which the soldiers, often young and in search of identity, are kept. Carlos ended up coming back. Far from "becoming himself", his experience disillusioned him. Welcome to a world of pawns...
The author

Giselle Sanchez is an entrepreneur. It made a document available on the Internet, Afghanistan explained to soldiers and their families (November 2010), and intervened with RFI and Rue 89. Hervé Ghesquière is a journalist for France Télévisions. He was held hostage for a year and a half in Afghanistan with Stéphane Taponier and released in June 2011.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315003068