Zingarina or wild grass

Sandra Jayat

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Stellina, a gypsy with a wild, free soul, traces her sparkling destiny between an escape and a desperate quest. The flight: at fifteen, her family wants to marry her according to tradition. She will take the road, alone, to escape this confinement, crossing the Italian border with the determination of the will-o'-the-wisp. The quest: that of the inspiring shadow of a cousin who also knew how to trace his constellation above the horizons of the past - Django Reinhardt the guitar magician. In its footsteps, along the wild and blue lines, the Zingarina will reach the French capital and its artistic Eden. Stellina has eyes to see beyond appearances. She paints and she learns to write by putting verses on scraps of paper. Jean Cocteau, Marcel Aymé, Philippe Soupault, Henri Mahé, Lucette Destouches-Almanzor, these living statues will know how to hear and discern the talent of the Gypsy, who will become their musical echo. An autobiographical novel that takes us back to the great era of the 1950s, so near and so far away that it seems imaginary. Through her dreamlike pen, Sandra Jayat offers us a sublime and humble confidence like a whisper.
The author

Sandra JAYAT was born to gypsy parents. Self-taught, she learns silence in the great book of life with her master. At twenty, she published her first collection of poems. Since then she hasn't stopped writing poems, tales, stories, novels, notably "La longue route d'une Tzingarina" which was very successful and has been reprinted several times. She received the Grand Prix du livre in Stockholm for all of her work. Sandra JAYAT is not only a writer, she is also a painter. Several distinctions dot a most remarkable artistic itinerary.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782353410972