juggle life, death

Françoise Rochais

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It's the story of a little cheerleader from Vendée who, starting from scratch, handles two sticks, then three, then seven, and becomes world juggling champion in Las Vegas. It is also the story of a child and then of a raped woman who clings to this art with such strength and virtuosity that she will work non-stop in the greatest cabarets in the world.
Shy, solitary and trapped in an unbearable malaise, Françoise throws her sticks in front of the astonished eyes of the spectators to fight the demons that roar within them. The absolute desire to live and to transcend her wounds pushed Françoise to grant her forgiveness to her rapists. For her, only two objectives count: to live in peace with herself and to give herself the chance to meet her soul mate.
His exceptional testimony speaks of a path that it is possible to take after having lived through the worst. Perseverance, self-transcendence and reconstruction are all avenues of hope for those who, from an early age, have suffered unbearable violence and, with unsuspected courage, have always refused to let themselves be locked up in it.
The author

Listed in the Guinness Book of Records, Françoise Rochais has performed in more than five thousand shows around the world. She has been rewarded many times, notably in the most prestigious competitions such as the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival (2020) and the World Circus Festival of Tomorrow in Paris.

316 pages | ISBN: 9782315010080