who are the russians

Alla Sergeeva

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“An exceptional study. The author of the book had the audacity to approach the Russian chaos […] armed with his desire to prove that the country is in no way a madhouse but simply an immense space, hardly accessible to the foreigner who does not know the traditions, history and mentality of Russians.” Lyubova Klobukova, Izvestia. “Alla Sergeeva's book is very topical. The author loves Russia, cares about its people, is proud of its history, culture and science.” Vladimir Nogovskii, The Russian Thought. Should a foreigner accept an invitation to the Russian baths? How many glasses of vodka do you have to drink in one gulp before trying to refuse? Why do Russians endure life without shrinking from great sacrifice? What is “Russian happiness” made of? And above all, what is new in 21st century Russia? For fifteen years, the "mysterious Slavic soul" has been subjected to unprecedented metamorphoses. It was time to draw up an exhaustive inventory of the new way of life and psychology of the Russians. Alla Sergueeva was a professor at the University of Moscow and taught her country's civilization in Poland, Vietnam, Austria, Finland and Paris. She describes with precision and humor a passionate and fascinating people, who are neither really European nor really Eastern.
The author

Doctor in linguistics, Alla Sergueeva has a long experience of teaching Russian language to foreign students (University of Moscow). She has also taught Russian at several universities around the world (Poland, Vietnam, Austria, Finland, and Paris IV).

320 pages | ISBN: 9782914388856