Mr Satan CEO

Stanley Schaetzel

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During the celebrations for the millennium eve, in Sydney, a journalist tastes a strange fruit fallen from the pocket of a curious character. He wakes up later, foggy, and finds near his computer a floppy disk of which he does not know the origin. He opens it and prints it: this is the text here. And what text! The minutes of the general meeting of a global company whose CEO is none other than Satan! He thus penetrates the mysteries of the evil activities of the world: diseases, plane accidents, the corruption of politicians, the inefficiency of administrations, juvenile crime, rampant stupidity, and of course, wickedness. How is it that we enter the hospital to have an operation and that we die of a disease that we did not have? That a quarter of English schoolchildren can't divide 65 by 5 without a calculator? That one in two Americans does not know that the earth revolves around the sun in one year? These are the effects of the multinational Lucifer & Co, Ltd. With calm ferocity and bloody humor, but also immense culture, Stanley Schaetzel, Australian writer, paints a merciless portrait of the contemporary world.
The author

Former officer of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain during the 39-45 war, Stanley Schaetzel emigrated to Australia in 1950. Aeronautical engineer, director of two missile design offices in Melbourne, then director of the first Australian space research company , he is a member of several learned societies, including the Royal Aeronautical Society of London.

316 pages | ISBN: 9782914388146