The Algeria of the generals

Lyes Laribi

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"... this poignant book is the story of the great Algerian silence." Florence Aubenas, in Liberation, about In the jails of Nezzar, by Lyes Laribi. Since its independence, Algeria has been ruled by Generals who have kept the country in civil war and misery. But how does this power work and endure? Arrested and tortured in Algeria for having created a free student union in the 1980s, accused of Islamism and often worried since, Lyes Laribi was closely confronted with Military Security, the political police of the State. The author draws up the history of the internal quarrels between the clan of General Zeroual and that of General Nezzar: coups d'etat, economic schemes, political crimes which extend from 1962 to 1999... Today, Lyes Laribi detects behind the government of the current president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the stranglehold of a third clan of Generals, an extension of these corrupt nomenklaturas. This courageous investigation by the author of Dans les gaôles de Nezzar is an unprecedented and passionate critique of the recent history of Algeria. An invitation to give back to the Algerian people the confidence and voice that have been confiscated from them.
The author

Preface by Ghazi Hidouci, statistician, economist, Minister of Economy and Finance of Algeria during the government of openness and reform (1989-1991). With an unpublished table of the Algerian military hierarchy since 1964.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782353410149