For a long time I was bored at school

Lola Vanier

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“A disgusted teacher who makes his students pay for it; lost students attacking teachers; disillusioned teachers who end up blaming the parents; distrustful parents who end up looking down on teachers. That is to say an endless vicious circle which will undoubtedly lead us to implosion. This book is the faithful testimony of almost twenty years of schooling. I wanted here to link the figures with the reality that I experienced, just as I would also like to link students and teachers, who we are perhaps too inclined to oppose. »
The author

A graduate in Arabic language and intercultural communication, Lola VANIER, 27, draws up, through stories lived and told with humour, a real plea for a metamorphosis of the school: that of the student.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315006434