The box

How the container changed the world

Marc Levinson

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“Without a container, there would be no globalization. » The Economist « A classic, a tale of creative destruction. Smart and captivating. One of the best economics books of all time. » The New York Times « A far-reaching economic story, a fascinating adventure… » The Times « The container has facilitated trade, accelerated deliveries, lowered costs and increased the supply of goods around the world… » The Wall Street Journal “Levinson offers wonderful lines for anyone interested in the interconnections of the global economy. Washington Post The true hero of globalization has a body of steel. Her father's name is Malcolm McLean. His date of birth ? April 1956. On this day, 58 metal boxes were transported in a boat from Newark to Houston, the first act in the history of the container, the founding spark of the boom in international trade...
The author

A long-time journalist at Newsweek and The Economist, doctor of economics, Marc Levinson has received numerous awards for this bestseller.

480 pages | ISBN: 9782315002986