The solution to unemployment is you

Albert Batihe

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Lack of experience, diplomas, skin color, age, culture, customs, everyday language often appear as barriers to hiring. “Failure is not my terminus. Failure is not my goal,” Albert Batihe usually replies. Through this book, he encourages the unemployed to gain self-confidence and offers them tools to get a job. Often, these are simple tips, but which we do not always think of. In a direct style that hits the mark and with a salutary corrosive humor, he reminds us that perseverance always pays, and that small details, put together, lead to success.
The author

After studying law, a business school and a short training course at the ENA, Albert Batihe co-founded the Elandynamic association in 2009, through which he runs training courses for unemployed people aged 18 to 25. He also works as a coach in local missions and municipalities.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315003129