Legal Dealer

Frank Daniel, Eric Coder

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The Pernod-Ricard group is an example of French-style international success. Pastis, whiskey, vodka, rare are the alcohols that the world number 2 does not distribute in bars and nightclubs. But the competition is fierce and to place these bottles, the representatives exceed their limits; in order to fraternize with his buyers, Franck Daniel drinks more and more and becomes, after eleven years of good and loyal service at Ricard, a wreck. He told journalist Eric Coder how his work tool, alcohol, had taken him to the top before he got the better of his body, his family life, his illusions. Along the way, we discover the objectives of the alcoholics: addiction of youth, women, sportsmen, or even small gifts to the authorities. The author does not hesitate either to unmask the ambivalence of the public authorities concerning alcohol; a legal drug which is a key sector of the French economy. A story of splendor and misery, gripping like a black book. Very black. Book written in collaboration with Carol Galand.
The author

For eleven years, Franck Daniel sold alcohol in the service of the Pernod-Ricard group. Eric Coder is a journalist at France Soir.

96 pages | ISBN: 9782914388726