carbon connection

The heist of the century

Aline Robert

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The biggest heist in the world is recent: between 10 and 20 billion euros were stolen from European states on the carbon market in the form of a VAT scam. Despite alerts from market players, the administration took months to react. Meanwhile, many mafias fell on the fraud, which brought in 20% in two hours. Some scammers have become hundreds of millions rich. But at the cost of four murders, a kidnapping, and multiple episodes of corruption, including the case of Commissioner Neyret. The "CO2 guys" now have the means to invest in scams of gigantic size. Yet, initially, they were nothing. This is the case of Frédéric, Raphaël or Le Maigrichon. How, why, at what price did they become carbon kingpins? From official sources to unofficial confidences, the author has been investigating for three years and reveals to us a story of blood, money and dirty tricks.
The author

Aline Robert, a graduate of Sciences Po Paris, is a freelance journalist. It explores economic news and that of raw materials. In 2009, she was the first to discover the heist that hit the CO2 market, and to investigate the subject.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315003655