Triso and then!

Éléonore Laloux, Yann Barte

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“For trisomy, you have to fight. We see people with Down syndrome as phenomena. Those who laugh at me, I ignore them. Point. That's how I feel about being triso. You have to say to yourself: “I have more chromosomes than them”. When she was born, the doctors considered Élénore a "chromosomal aberration" and encouraged her parents not to get attached to her. Down syndrome, suffering from a heart defect, they leave him little chance of survival. Twenty-eight years later, Éléonore is more alive than ever. Now an adult and independent, she recounts her years of struggle with her parents to remain in an ordinary environment and her refusal to be reduced to her illness. With humour, she shares her daily life with us, between her two-piece, her "job", her tumultuous loves and her passion for pop rock. Changing the perception of trisomy 21 is what Éléonore is now striving to do.
The author

Éléonore Laloux works at the private hospital in Arras. She is the spokesperson for the Amis d'Éléonore collective, which fights against the stigmatization of Down's syndrome. Yann Barte is a journalist. A former reporter and head of the political section, he has been working for a few years around disability.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315005000