What a pity you're not blacker

Yasmine Modestine

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“The screen shows me: African; European; Asian. Obviously, I don't have the possibility to choose several boxes. I know what they want me to say, but here it is, I don't agree. Totally disagree. I turn to the assistant casting director and say, in a very small voice: - I'm annoyed. The young woman, obviously used to it, said to me: — You have several ethnicities. "Yes, I'm mixed-race. - Yes, it does not matter, you just have to check one and I will specify that you are mixed race. Before even finishing her sentence, she grabbed the mouse and without the shadow of a hesitation ticked: African. A mixed-race woman born to a black father from Martinique and a white mother from Berry, Yasmine Modestine never stopped hearing throughout her life that "people like her don't exist", that they have a "special voice", that she would be "sensitive" like the people of "her people", that she is "not so black in fact". And above all, that she would have “problems with her color”. With irony and lucidity about herself, she recounts the professional career of a Frenchwoman whose identity is denied and who struggles to find her place in her own country.
The author

Trained at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art (CNSAD), Yasmine Modestine is a playwright, singer and actress.

240 pages | ISBN: 9782315006373