Alexandra Exter monograph

Jean Chauvelin, Nadia Filatoff, John E. Bowlt, Dmytro Horbachov

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Authors: John E. Bowlt, Jean Chauvelin, Nadia Filatoff, Dimytro Horbachov. Alexandra Exter is the pioneer of Russian cubo-futurist art. The place of this emblematic figure of this movement in the history of 20th century art is only just beginning to appear. Alexandra Exter seems inhabited by the prescience of what modern art would be like. From 1907, in fact, she traveled between Russia and France. She was then twenty-five years old. A student of Fernand Léger, she brought her Russian friends the first photos of Picasso's cubist works. A circle of friends including Apollinaire, Gide, Robert and Sonia Delaunay, Bergson, paid attention to its creation. She developed systems on which painting, theater, cinema, ballet, based their genesis during the 20th century and thus revolutionized the staging, alongside Alexandre Tairov, at the Kamerny Theater in Moscow by its geometric decorations, its mobile stages, its flamboyant costumes, by the lighting, treated as a constructive material, exceptional decorations. Exter delivered a very personal version of French cubism as evidenced by Le pont de Sèvres et ses Villes. Expatriated to France in 1924, the one who was the traveling companion of Kandinsky, Chagall and Zadkine, died in her adopted 1949. Jean Chauvelin, world-renowned expert on this genius artist, and Nadia Filatoff, art historian, wish with this monograph, bringing together more than 400 paintings and photos of the artist, to restore Alexandra Exter's legitimate place in the 'the history of art.
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448 pages | ISBN: 9782914388276