Aimé Césaire: a voice for the 21st century Aimé Césaire: a voice for the 21st century

Aimé Césaire, Euzhan Palcy

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A collection, based on interviews conducted by Euzhan Palcy and Annick Thébia-Melsan. Along the alphabet, a walk through the life of Aimé Césaire: childhood memories, political battles, friendships. The tribute also to one of the greatest poets of his time. Box of 3 documentary films directed by Euzhan Palcy - The watchful island - At the rendezvous of the conquest - The force to watch tomorrow 164 min, 1994-2006, documentary, France-Martinique Language: ov French, st English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic 1st part: The watchful island - 55 min The life, the work and the political action of the poet. Césaire makes us discover his Martinique 2nd part: At the rendezvous of the conquest - 57 min Ethics, theory and philosophy of Negritude. The meeting of Césaire, a student in Paris, with African intellectuals including Senghor. 3rd part: The strength to look tomorrow - 52 min How to find the strength after the disillusions of decolonization, the excesses of Negritude, the failures of "third worldism" and in the face of the planetary crisis On poetry, Aimé Césaire said: " It is this approach which, through words, images, myths, love and humour, installs me in the living heart of myself and of the world. The poet is this very old and very new being, very complex and very simple, who, at the experienced borders of dream and reality, day and night, between absence and presence, seeks and receives in the sudden outbreak of inner cataclysms the password of complicity and power ."
The author

Director, Screenwriter, Producer Born in Martinique, at the age of 17 she made La Messagère, a medium-length film (1975). Then, L'atelier Du Diable short film (1982). In Paris, it is the meeting with François Truffaut who becomes his mentor. She directed “Rue Cases-Nègres” in 1983. In 1984, Robert Redford invited her to take part in the Directing Workshops for the second edition of Sundance. In 1989, Marlon Brando accepted one of the leading (and striking) roles in the film A White And Dry Season produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. She received the Orson Welles Prize for the importance and cinematographic quality of her work. She returned to France and directed Siméon (1992), a musical and fantastic Caribbean tale, then embarked on documentaries with the Aimé Césaire trilogy, Une Parole Pour Le Xxie Siècle (1994-1995). In 1999, the American press was unanimous and honored his film Ruby Bridges broadcast on the ABC channel and presented by President Bill Clinton. She continued with The Killing Yard for Paramount, then in 2006 with Parcours De Dissidents for France 5. In 2007, she directed with Les Mariees De L'Isle Bourbon filmed on Reunion Island.

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